The Heart of Kelowna

Beautiful beaches, to hillsides draped with vineyards. Bustling city streets, to lush golf courses. Snow-capped mountains, to orchard blossoms in spring.

A sweet spot in our province’s landscape, Kelowna is the heart of the Okanagan. A recreational lakeside paradise, with miles of beautiful parkland and sandy beaches that provide wonderful opportunities for swimming, windsurfing, boating, water skiing and fishing. As a golf destination, local courses offer a whopping 101,382 yards of golf heaven. From easy going to ego shattering, Kelowna offers 20 courses that will test your swing. FORE! If you’re a wine lover, taking a local wine tour is a must! Scattered throughout our local hillsides, you’ll be delighted to discover Kelowna’s unique wineries. Learn the art of wine making, enjoy sumptuous pairings through tastings & quite possibly take home your new favorite wine. There’s something for everyone!

The location of the hotel is very close to several key Kelowna attractions including:

Prospera Place, Lakeshore and City Park, Kelowna Marina, Lake City Casino, & Memorial Arena. The Royal Anne hotel is within easy walking distance to numerous restaurants offering everything from fine-dining and ethnic cuisine to fast-food.


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